Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Climate control picking zone logistics center

Cool equipment for increased lifespan
OSHA studies show that worker productivity improves with cooler working environments.
Cool equipment and personnel
  • Port-A-Cool evaporators operate on tap water and 220v of electricity for less than 1€ per day, per unit.
  • All units are mobile for easy spot cooling.
  • Cool from 90m2 up to 325m2.
Increase worker productivity and prolong equipment life.
36” High Performance unit features quiet operation and cools about 246m2.
The 48” unit cools 325m2 for just cents a day.

Click here to visit our blog or scroll this website for more more information about Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers in Europe.
For any question please feel free to contact Maurice van der Kooij - // 0034-932312810.

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