Monday, 14 January 2013

Portable patio and terrace cooler

PORT-A-COOL®´s operating costs are much lower than those of a central air conditioner. The initial equipment cost is also lower than air conditioners. Along with lower operating costs and simple installation, evaporative cooling can be a perfect, ozone-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning.

It operates at a 10th of the cost of conventional airconditioning and is capable of cooling hundreds of square meters 7 degrees or more, saving PORT-A-COOL® customers hundreds, or even thousands euros per season!

Since PORT-A-COOL® is a state of the art, high efficiency, portable evaporative cooling system, its high efficiency cooling media coupled with a unique housing design, allows PORT-A-COOL® to cool effectively in very high relative humidity conditions. Since, as its name implies, it is portable, PORT-A-COOL® can be easily moved around shops, factories, back yards, sporting events and hundreds of other areas for maximum effectiveness, comfort and increased productivity. PORT-A-COOL® uses a specially designed ridged cooling media, contained in a properly designed housing to insure effective direction of the air over the water saturated media at the proper air velocity. 

Visit our website for more information and succesful case studies of evaporative cooling in automotive.
For more information, or to locate a distributor near you, call  0034-932 312 810 (for European sales)  and 1-800-695-2942 (for international sales). Or, you can visit us online at (Europe) and (manufacturer´s website).

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