Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Experience the effectiveness of mobile evaporative cooling

Port-A-Cool units are sold through a subdistributor network. LC-Europe is always looking for interested subdistributors in Europe who have seen the effectiveness and opportunities of Port-A-Cool. Please ask for the opportunities.

If you are looking to cool your marquee, your factory or warehouse. Please check our website to find out which portable cooler best fits your cooling requirements or contact us to ask your free catalogue or make an appointment with our team of specialists to get a demonstration of Port-A-Cool. and receive a economical proposal to beat the heat.

Mobile biocooler Port-A-Cool Cyclone installation-free solution for spotcooling workplace

The installation-free Port-A-Cool Cyclone is the ideal solution to reduce temperature in your work place, increasing the wellbeing of your employees and increase productivity.

The Port-A-Cool Cyclone, is an environmental-friendly cooler and very cheap in use due to the low water and energy consumption.

Please check our website for further information or contact us at to define your cooling needs ( for international enquiries outside Europe).
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