Friday, 15 November 2013

Portable solution to cool motor workshop

Adiabatic cooling in car and motor workshop

Keep employees and equipment cool:

  • Mechanic Bays
  • Repair Centers
  • Oil Change Centers
  • Garages
  • Workshops

Studies show that worker productivity improves with cooler working environments.

Keep working areas an average of 7 degrees cooler, making working or waiting area more comfortable for workers and customers.

Port-A-Cool mobile evaporative coolers operate on tap water and 220v of electricity, directly to use out-of-the-box.

All units are mobile for easy spot cooling.

The new Port-A-Cool JetStream 1600 and JetStream 2400 units operate for up to 8 hours without a hose connection. Ducting adapter is also available for all 16” unit for concentrated spot cooling.

Doors and windows do not need to be closed, results of cooling even get better with ventilation, what makes it the ideal climate control solution for car and motor workshops and tire repair centers.

Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers can be seen in many applications in the automotive and motor industry. Many workshops use our evaporative coolers, cooling the whole workshop or spot cooling the employees. Examples are Porsche Barcelona, Spauto and CarE, traditionally difficult places to be cooled are now effectively cooled by our evaporative coolers.
Besides the cooling of workshop, we supply many car part factories of industrial spot cooling, due to the mobility the cooling can be placed where the cooling is most wanted. 

If you want to see Port-A-Cool units on television tune in on West Coast Customs (Discovery Channel) or watch the Formula 1 Races where the Pit Boxes of sevaral Formula 1 race teams are cooled by our evaporative coolers.

Visit our website for more information and succesful case studies of evaporative cooling in automotive.

For more information, or to locate a distributor near you, call  0034-932 312 810 (for European sales)  and 1-800-695-2942 (for international sales). Or, you can visit us online at (Europe) and (manufacturer´s website).  //

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